About Us


At Mack Sporting Goods we partner with schools and communities to develop first-class athletic programs. We believe that every kid, every school, and every community can and should have sports teams they can be proud of. Whether your program is already an institution or if it is barely an idea, Mack Sporting Goods can help you build it with our expert advice and top of the line equipment. Whatever your vision is for sports in your hometown, Mack Sporting Goods will help you every step of the way. That is how “We Bring The Sports To You!”

In 2013 when Alex Mack started coaching football in Anna, TX he would not accept that just because he was coaching a small program that his team could not buy custom name brand products. Most teams in small programs were buying unpainted helmets and then spray-painting them on their own. Convinced that teams everywhere had committed athletes that deserved equipment reflecting their dedication, Alex, Shannon and his brother Jamaal founded Mack Sporting Goods.

Since its inception, Alex and Jamaal have been responding to e-mails at 10pm, conference calling on the weekends and working whenever you are working. Mack Sporting Goods will help you fundraise, help you organize, and help you get the equipment your athletes deserve. Programs from Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, the District of Columbia and South Korea have let us bring sports to them – let us bring sports to you!