Mack Sporting Goods Madden 21 League


2020 MSG $100 Champion:  LOUISIanimal 



Winner takes home $4000.

$350 Regisration Fee

You may use any of the 32 NFL teams from the Madden 2021 roster. No other teams are allowed (Created teams, all madden, canton greats, etc.) (Not preferred but two of the same teams can play each other.)
- You may change teams between Games.
- You may change your playbook between Games.
- Seeding and matchups for the tournament will be done by random draw.
- Home and away will be decided with a coin flip

- In the event a game ends with the score tied, the game will be restarted with the same game situation (including field position and possession if possible), and the first team to score will win.
- In the event of a power loss or system freeze, the game will be restarted with “situational setup” to exactly match the score, settings, quarter, time, and possession and play will resume.

Game Settings:
- Game Settings are as follows:
• Difficulty: All-Madden
• AI Settings: Default
• Game Clock: 7 min quarters
• Championship will be held in “Super Bowl” Mode 

- Substitutions can ONLY be made:
• Before the kickoff
• At halftime
• If a timeout is called
• No acceleration clock
• Fatigue On
• Injuries On