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  • Battle NuttyBuddy Cup / Compression Shorts Package

    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    NuttyBuddy Cup / Compression Shorts Package

    The NuttyBuddy athletic cup is like no other cup ever designed. Our cups are made to the highest quality using a high impact resistant polycarbonate material known as Lexan124-R, which is the same material used in bullet resistant glass and is four times more expensive than the plastic used in traditional cups. The true factor that sets NuttyBuddy apart from our competitors is the anatomically correct design which has made the NuttyBuddy the most comfortable cup on the market today. The design of the cup allows the wearer movement with ease while it cradles the anatomy.

    Take a look inside the most unique athletic cup ever designed for the male body!

    Detailed Cup Dimensions: Mongo • The Trophy • The Hog • The Boss • The Hammer• Full Sizing Chart