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  • Battle Youth Padded Arm Sleeve


    Battle Youth Padded Arm Sleeve

    Battle Sports revolutionary new product the Padded Football Full Arm Sleeve is engineered to improve ball security and assist the ball carrier in keeping a solid grip on the ball. Designed with the same sticky material as receiver gloves on the inner part of the sleeve that grips the ball giving the ball carrier better ball security.

    The Battle Padded Arm Sleeve was designed for NFL athletes but can be worn by all ages and skill levels. The sleeve is washable and is made with compression technology to give the athlete more energy on the field. The padded sleeve is highly recommended for any athlete that carries they ball at any level. The Padded Arm Sleeve's are easy to use and have a padded elbow that give ball carries an edge while giving athletes from turf burns and abrasions from turf.


    Features & Benefits

    Improved ball security

    Turf protection

    Inspired by NFL focus group

    compression sleeve



    Youth Sizes: S, M, L, XL


    Quantity: One per pack