S7™ AGES 9-12 LEG GUARDS 13"

  • Super lightweight, breathable, and durable, these leg guards are designed to fit great, take abuse, and be super comfortable.

  • The triple knee design is ideal for extra protection. Extra thick plastic molds are used for the knees to prevent cracking.

  • Large perforated padding and vented shins help the playerメs legs breathe while the DeltaFlex™ harness pre-crosses the straps to keep the back of knee free and prevent leg guards from shifting.

  • The adjustable GEL knee pad and ergonomic shin pads help keep knees healthy and eliminate bruising.

  • Shin plastic is moldable, so feel free to flare them out or flex them in to help with the fit.

  • CLEANING: Scrub down in the tub / Cold water / mild detergent / air dry