Please note:  The chest protector included with this kit is not certified to the NOCSAE standard.  Please check with your coach or league to understand the rules for required equipment.

When constantly improving and developing the best equipment, feedback is critical.  Working with the best athletes of all ages, the feedback we receive leads to many of the improvements in our line.  With System Seven Axis™, it's all about the details.  The little things.  How can we make the equipment lighter, more protective, durable, and comfortable?  Some of the biggest upgrades from previous generations include diamond port ventilation, thinner and more form fitting Delta Flex harnesses, and more aggressive break-points for improved fit and better blocking.  System Seven Axis™ leg guards introduce LINQ™, a pivoting hinge which allows the leg guard to completely move with the player.  This kit has everything a player needs to raise their game and Move Forward Rise Above.